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Our 2-day Fire Warden Instructor course equips participants with the necessary skills and confidence to deliver Fire Warden Instruction & Training in compliance with the Fire Services Act 1981(2003) and the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Participants will acquire the skills to instruct and train individuals on fire prevention, safety management, and their legal responsibilities under current legislation. They will gain a deep understanding of fire safety regulations, enabling them to design, implement, and assess internal training sessions within their organizations. Additionally, graduates of this course will be well-equipped to assist in emergency procedures for low-risk establishments and lead Fire Warden Courses.

The programme covers essential topics in fire safety and science, pre-fire and post-fire duties, emergency plans, evacuation procedures, and provides valuable resources and instructor materials, including presentations, documentation, and relevant legislation.

There is a two-hour written/electronic exam at the end of the course. Successful candidates will receive a Guardian Safety Certificate which will be valid for 5 years.

Please see the course specifications contained in the Programme Manual to learn more about the learning outcomes and content.




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About Guardian Safety

The logo of Guardian Safety, our provider for the Fire Warden Instructor Training.

Guardian Safety‘s instructors are experienced experts with a practical teaching approach. They provide tailored learner support for diverse backgrounds, including literacy, hearing impairments, and learning difficulties, ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.

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This course runs multiple times a year. Get notified once places become available.

This course runs multiple times a year. Get notified once places become available.

Programme Manual

Downloadable PDF with full course specifications

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