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Essence 52 enables Activity Coordinators to enhance the wellbeing of nursing home residents. It consists of seven sequential steps, each building upon the last, ultimately equipping coordinators to facilitate two key sessions: Essence 52 Relax and Essence 52 Pamper. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of lifelong learning opportunities for residents, engaging all five senses. The training is delivered online, combining self-paced content with live Zoom workshops.

This comprehensive course is aimed at enhancing your role as activity coordinator for nursing homes. To achieve this, participants get acquainted with the Essence 52 programme’s benefits and the steps required to become a proficient Essence 52 facilitator before learning how to elevate residents’ wellbeing by incorporating sensory aids and engaging all five senses in activities.

Meaningful Activities for Nursing Home Residents

Explore the fascinating world of essential oils, learning about their advantages for older adults, various types used in Essence 52, production, procurement, diffusion, safety, and storage, as well as gaining an introduction to A Touch of Lavender®. Further modules teach how to effectively conduct relaxation and pampering sessions, considering environmental wellbeing, touch, and the use of lavender essential oil.

Finally, the course emphasises the benefits of lifelong learning for nursing home residents, encompassing diverse learning styles and integrating sensory aids into activities. Become proficient in the Essence 52 Inspire routine, fostering empowerment through memory recall, lifelong learning through the senses, and effective curriculum delivery.




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*Fee is per nursing home. A minimum of two attendants per nursing home is advised to ensure continuity of delivery of the programme for the residents.

About Liz Woods

A photo of Liz Woods, founder and educator of the Essence 52 programme, one of our Courses for Residential Care.

Liz Woods specialises in the wellbeing of older adults living in residential care. She has a MSc in Health Psychology and is a qualified trainer and aromatherapist. Liz has over 5 years’ experience providing wellbeing services to nursing homes and developed Essence 52 during this time in response to the residents’ specific needs.

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