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This Complaint Management course equips attendees with a structured framework to effectively handle complaints within their services, emphasizing the protection of complainants’ rights and ensuring fair, impartial investigations.

Practical examples are provided to demonstrate how complaints can serve as valuable insights to inform service provision, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the quality of care and services for residents.

Enhance Care Quality: Mastering Complaint Management

Complaint Management is essential for private residential care centres. This one-day online workshop provides a robust framework tailored to a variety of roles from the management level to clinical staff down to healthcare assistants. Attendees gain insights into safeguarding complainants’ rights, ensuring fair investigations and informed service improvements.

Examine crucial areas such as regulatory compliance, HIQA trends analysis, and proactive prevention strategies. Furthermore, explore clear roles and responsibilities, understanding the 4 stages of effective complaint management and how to audit processes for efficiency. With emphasis on staff education and resident communication, attendees learn to apply practical complaint management processes.

This workshop will be presented via Zoom utilising PowerPoint, with the provision of interactive sessions and workshops throughout. Training will run from 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. with a scheduled 1-hour break for lunch (flexibility available).

Elevate your care and empower your staff to navigate complaints effectively, allowing you to uphold the highest standard of resident care.



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HCI helps healthcare providers make informed decisions to improve quality, safety, and compliance. Their diverse team brings together expertise in clinical care, social services, quality assurance, and research. Known for exceptional client service, HCI is dedicated to enhancing outcomes for service users.

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