Sectoral Survey – CPD In The Long Term Care Sector

Sectoral Survey CPD In The Long Term Care Sector

In LHP Skillnet, we work with and speak to our members every day, and we understand that the private healthcare sector is going through a great many changes.

So much is happening in your work environment; our intuition is that these changes deserve to be analysed by experts who understand the sector and the challenges it faces.

That is why we have teamed up with the Royal College of Surgeons to conduct a research project into one of the key areas of change in the last 3-4 years: the development of online education.

We know that your experience and your thoughts are pivotal resources. That’s why we are asking Healthcare Assistants, Nurses and Managers who have been working in the private healthcare sector for more than 3 months to please take 5 minutes to answer the questions in this survey.

These contributions will be invaluable for the final section of the report that will outline recommendations for the sector’s educational policy in the years ahead.

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