LHP Skillnet Support Members with Recruitment of HCAs


Healthcare Assistant and resident

There is a huge demand for healthcare assistants across all healthcare settings at the moment and recruiting candidates with the right skillset is high on the agenda for all our member companies.  In supporting businesses in the private healthcare sector with recruitment of qualified and competent healthcare assistants, LHP Skillnet has engaged in employment activation initiatives lead by Skillnet Ireland since 2011.


Through Skillnet Ireland’s Skills Connect initiative we have secured funding to train in the region of 240 healthcare assistants per annum in the QQI level 5 Certificate in Healthcare Support programme.  This programme is offered free of charge to successful candidates.  Traditionally a face-to-face programme, the Healthcare Support Certificate is now delivered fully virtual enabling us to provide this training to candidates from all over Ireland.  The course is delivered 1-day per week enabling students to engage in employment whilst upskilling.



Candidates can apply directly to our Skills Connect programme or alternatively a potential employer can refer a candidate for consideration.  Candidates will undergo an interview process with a registered nurse, and the candidates that display a genuine commitment to working in care and in completing the programme are selected to go through the programme.  All participants on the programme are garda vetted and required to engage in 300 hours of work experience (paid or unpaid).   Where required, we support students to source their work placement in a suitable organisation with guidance given by the programme tutors.


As you undertake recruitment drives over the coming months, you may benefit from engaging with our team to see what courses are scheduled, and possibly refer a new hire to the programme.  This enables you to broaden your scope to reach to candidates who do not have the required qualifications.


For more information about our Skills Connect Certificate in Healthcare Support programme including Skillnet Ireland’s eligibility criteria please click HERE