NHI Regional Trainings 2023: Elevate Your Expertise with Us!

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Nursing Home Ireland (NHI) for the much-awaited NHI Regional Trainings 2023! At LHP Skillnet, we are passionate about enhancing the Irish residential care sector. This annual event perfectly aligns with our mission.

Diverse Training Offerings

This year, we are bringing NHI members a range of selected face-to-face and online training programmes designed to elevate your skills and knowledge:

Nutrition & Food (IDDSI Implementation): A must for all, including chefs and kitchen staff. Learn safe IDDSI level achievement, texture-modified meal cooking methods, and more.

National Frailty Education Programme: Tailored for nurses and managers. Dive into 8 modules, from polypharmacy to bone health, encompassing comprehensive geriatric assessment.

Residents’ Rights: A course for all staff. Delve into practical FREDA application, restrictive practice overview, and essential topics in line with regulations and guidelines.

Falls Management: Ideal for senior healthcare assistants, nurses, CNMs, and managers. Equip yourself to screen, assess, and respond to residents’ fall risks effectively. This convenient training session will be fully online.

Affordable and In-Demand

Our programmes offer a unique blend of affordability and high demand. With limited spots available, these courses provide the perfect opportunity to motivate your team, connect with peers, and upgrade your expertise.

Save the Dates

These one-day courses will be hosted at convenient conference centres across Ireland. Engage with like-minded professionals, share insights, and foster new connections. Don’t miss out on this golden chance!

Secure Your Spot

Being part of the NHI group grants you exclusive access to these enriching programmes. To ensure your participation, secure your spot early. Elevate your skills, expand your network, and contribute to the advancement of the Irish residential care sector.

Join Us in This Journey

At LHP Skillnet, we’re dedicated to creating a brighter future for healthcare professionals. The NHI Regional Trainings 2023 encapsulate our commitment to knowledge enhancement, skills development, and sector-wide collaboration.

Book Now and Elevate Your Expertise!

Mark your calendars and book your spot for the NHI Regional Trainings 2023. Elevate your expertise, connect with peers, and be a part of this transformative journey. Together, let’s shape a brighter tomorrow for Irish residential care!