New On-demand Courses Coming Soon to Bridge

New Bridge Courses

LHP Skillnet offers to our member companies a bespoke Learning Management System – Bridge, from Altura. It addresses the training needs within the Nursing Home and Home Care sector. We receive great feedback from the current users not only on the ease of administering the system but also on the high quality of the course content.

We are delighted to announce a number of new courses will soon be added to our library:

  • A Guide To Safe Food Handling

It is essential to be aware of the basic principles of safe food handling and to ensure that the prepared food remains safe to eat. The course also recognises the role and responsibilities in safe food handling.

  • Outbreak Management

Infectious diseases can spread easily in the residential care setting and quickly turn into an outbreak, leading to increased resident hospitalisation and mortality. This course identifies practical strategies to manage an outbreak of an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, influenza or gastroenteritis

  • Duty of Care: Your Responsibilities

Failure to maintain standards and safe practice can affect the resident, health professional and the organisation. This course explores the concept of duty of care and outlines the health professional’s responsibilities.

  •  Spirituality: Understanding Individual Needs

All people have spiritual needs, which may be separate from religion. In this course we explore the various forms that spirituality may take and develop practical strategies for meeting the spiritual needs of the people you support.

  • End of Life Care in the Home 


  • Medication Management: The Principle

This course outlines the role of staff in a systematic approach to medication management to ensure the safe use of medications and quality outcomes for the older person.

Further details on availability and pricing will be announced soon.

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