LHP Skillnet: Policies for the Public


LHP Skillnet is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of education within the healthcare sector. In pursuit of this aim, we have decided to publish some of our organisational policies for public access. These policies have been selected from our Quality Assurance Manual.

A Quality Assurance Manual is a living document that provides a full, detailed summary of the policies and procedures an organisation abides by in order to guarantee the quality of their services and programmes.

LHP Skillnet has elected to highlight the following policies, on the basis of our judgment that their content might be illuminating for members of the public who are interested in our organisation. We are under no obligation to exhibit these policies in this format – we simply think they might prove useful. Given that the Quality Assurance Manual is a living document, it is always subject to revision and development. Consequently we may decide to add more policies, take away policies, or edit the existing policies in the future.

If you have any questions about our organisation’s policies or our Quality Assurance Manual more generally, why not get in touch at office@lhpskillnet.ie

Policy On Admissions 2019

Policy on Academic Good Practice 2019

Policy on Equality and Diversity 2019

Policy on Complaints 2019

Policy on Appeals 2019