Superior People Management Virtual Course

Course Description

The Superior People Management Virtual Course is designed to teach managers in the healthcare setting how to improve their staff management. The course is based on the principles of experiential learning where information is shared between participants in an open learning environment with technology used to create a physical room setting.

The maximum interaction is created between participants in the open sessions and during the break-out group sessions.

This programme has been designed specifically for the needs of today’s managers and our new Covid-19 environment, where meeting at a physical workshop is not be possible. It is delivered online over four weeks in 2-hour modules (10-12pm) for convenience and safety.

Course Aim

Over the course of the programme, the participants will:

  • Learn how to manage your team better
  • Learn the 25 Competencies of Strong Leaders
  • Learn the Difference between being a Leader and a Manager
  • Understand How Psychometrics can help you get the best from your team
  • Learn About Emotional Intelligence, Triggers and Self-Regulation Strategies
  • Understand The Best Ways to Create Team Cohesion and Motivation
  • Learn and Experience the Power of Coaching
  • Discover the Potency of 1:1’s
  • Learn How to Avoid Team Dysfunction
  • Learn how to Handle Conflict in Your Team

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Module 1 - Week 1

  • The difference between leadership & management
  • The 25 competencies of leadership
Module 2 - Week 2
  • Understanding yourself and your management style
  • 10 principles of self-care as a manager
Module 3 - Week 3
  • What is a team?
  • Team dysfunction pyramid
  • The value of purpose, communication and accountability
Module 4 - Week 4
  • What is coaching
  • How does coaching and mentoring assist people management
  • Differences and best uses of coaching & mentoring

Course Details

  • Category: Management and Administration in Healthcare
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Venue: Online
  • Duration: Days: 4
  • Provider: Smart Coach
  • Skillnet Members Price: €400.00
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: Company Certified
  • Award: Certificate
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