Resilient Minds @ Work: Resilience Training for the Healthcare Sector

Course Description

The demands placed on us personally and professionally affect our health and business. In the past few months, due to the outbreak of the coronvairus pandemic in Ireland, the demands on the healthcare sector have never been greater. This increased pressure can lead to a higher frequency of stress, anxiety and a sense of burn-out. One way to address these emotional and psychological challenges is through resilience training. According to Richard Burke, resilience is a measure of your subconscious flexibility. By developing your resilience, you gain an awareness of useful practical and psychological coping mechanisms, which in turn will lead to a happier, healthier life.

Please note that this workshop is FREE TO ATTEND - thanks to the contribution of Skillnet Ireland's Back to Business Initiative, ReBound.

Course Aim

The purpose of the training is to enable you to understand stress and your personal reaction to stressful circumstances. Over the course of a day, Richard's aim is to put you in control of your own stress. This will mean that you:

  • develop the tools to become mindful of your stress
  • work on a strategy to successfully negotiate with your stress.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will have a greater understanding of such topics as:

  • What stress actually is
  • The relationship between stress, mind and body
  • The 'flight or flight' reaction
  • Common coping mechanisms
  • The general adaption syndrome
  • The relationship between pressure, stress and performance
  • The main areas of stress management
  • Personal stress audits, SWOT analysis and stress diary
  • Work overload & time management tips
  • Larger than life personalities
  • Bad news
  • The power of thought and positive thinking
  • The role of the mind
  • Emotions: what they mean and how to manage them

This training starts at 9.30am and ends at approximately 4.00pm, including comfort breaks and lunch. In order to complete the training, you must attend the full day.

Who Should Attend

All employees and professionals working in the healthcare sector.

Course Details

  • Category: Healthcare Skills
  • Venue: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: Days: 1
  • Skillnet Members Price: NA
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: Company Certified
  • Award: Certificate
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