Management Tools for Challenging Times

Course Description

This practical, skills-acquisition programme aims to provide learners with the skills and tools for building their team's efficiency in challenging times. By exploring approaches to tasks such as decision-making, motivating staff, and conflict management, participants can identify their own needs and learn how to meet them while contributing to the wellbeing of others.

This is a one-day training course to be delivered via Zoom in 2 x 3 hour sessions.

This programe is delivered by the Health Management Institute. The HMI is the professional body for healthcare managers across all sectors of the health service in the Republic of Ireland. 

Course Aim

By the close of the programme, participants will have covered the following four modules:

1. Resilience

  • The subjective nature of resilience.
  • Favourable conditions for maintaining resilience.
  • Identifying strengths and developing them.
2. Management Crisis Thinking
  • Common unhelpful thinking patterns in crisis situations.
  • How to prevent unhelpful thinking.
  • Switching to focused thinking.
3. Decision Making
  • Assessing trustworthiness.
  • Personal effectiveness.
  • Ways to stay in control.
4. Motivating Teams Through Change
  • 5 fundamental motivational needs.
  • How to motivate myself.
  • How to motivate my team.

Who Should Attend

Management, DONs, ADONs, CNMs, supervisors, advanced care practitioners.

Course Details

  • Category: Management and Administration in Healthcare
  • Venue: Online
  • Duration: Hours: 6
  • Provider: Health Management Institute
  • Skillnet Members Price: NA
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: Company Certified
  • Award: Certificate
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