Inspiring Leadership Performance Programme: Designed for Persons in Charge

Course Description

We have collaborated with the IMI to design a new leadership programme that is tailored to Persons in Charge in the nursing home sector.

The Inspiring Leadership Performance Programme will foster and enhance capabilities in areas such as leadership efficiency, effectiveness, communication and compassionate leadership, in order to enable you to lead your nursing home more effectively. You will be guided on the management competencies you need to lead staff in a complex environment, including prioritising workloads, delegating effectively and influencing others.

You will discuss the challenges and opportunities of recent times, with particular focus on the importance of developing your own wellbeing and skills such as resilience, and a stronger understanding of how you can lead in these constantly changing times. There will also be a core focus on recruitment and retention of key talent and ensuring that your own professional development is prioritised.

The programme consists of 8 days over 6 months, from November 2021 to May 2022. LHP Skillnet members pay €2995, which represents fantastic value for money - the RRP is €6000.

Course Aim


This programme gives you the leadership and management competencies required in the unique environment in which you operate – balancing the resources available to ensure patient safety.


Each participant will be assigned to a group, where they will work together on exercises and challenges in the workshop sessions and also meet between workshops to support each other in implementing takeaways and actions from the workshop sessions. These useful learning spaces offer participants insights into teamwork, building relationships and influencing others.


Our coaching service gives participants additional individualised support. The 1-1 coaching sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to access advice on specific personal needs within the organisation’s context thus ensuring targeted support.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Developing Compassion

Understand how personal motivations, frailties, needs and fears impact others and ourselves & how developing a growth mindset can underpin personal development.

Performance Management Culture

Understand the process around promotion & staff development and address retention issues.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Focus on concept of Agile Healthcare 4.0 – developing and empowering teams across functions and hierarchies to ensure rigour and reliability in the operating system.

Person-Centred Communications

Focus on customer-centricity by way of respectful communications, actively listening, positive conflict resolution, using solutions-driven language, reframe difficult conversations to better relationships.

Compassionate Leadership

Examine the four layers of compassionate leadership – attending, understanding, empathising and helping others.

Leading and Influencing

In this time of constant change, it is vital to understand the ‘5 C’s of Leadership': compassion, communication, connectedness, clarity and consistency.

Who Should Attend

Managers/ Persons in Charge who want to develop strong and sustainable working practices, and who want to develop a leadership and growth mindset

Course Details

  • Category: Management and Administration in Healthcare
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Venue: Online
  • Start date: 23 Nov 2021
  • Duration: Months: 6
  • Provider: The Irish Management Institute
  • Skillnet Members Price: €2995.00
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: Company Certified
  • Award: NMBI CEUs
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