Fire Safety Management in Designated Centres for Older People

Course Description

Fire safety is an essential part of health & safety and risk management in nursing homes which accommodate and care for vulnerable adults. This lesson aims to inform and assist providers and persons in charge to meet their duties under current fire safety legislation by outlining many of the fire precautions one would expect to see in a designated centre that is fully compliant with Regulation 28.

Please note: members of Nursing Homes Ireland will be invited to attend one of the free sessions of this programme that will be taking place online between May 2021 and October 2021. NHI will be in contact with further details.

Course Aim

  • To give an overview of the main fire safety legislation regarding nursing homes;
  • To highlight the consequences of poor fire safety management in a nursing home using a case study;
  • To understand the fire control measures that the provider must implement and how these should be maintained;
  • To increase awareness of fire prevention measures;
  • To highlight that fire safety is an opportunity for improvement in nursing homes;
  • To ask the question-”Are nursing home providers doing enough to ensure they are complying with their statutory obligations with regard to fire safety?”;
  • To take participants through a range of fire safety management related topics covering legislation, fire risk assessment, fire drills for residents and staff, means of escape for staff and residents, in house fire safety checks, inspection and maintenance, record keeping of training and equipment, roles and responsibilities of management and staff, compartmentation and passive and active fire safety features.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

This training is important as it provides learners who have a responsibility for workplace fire safety with the following key learning outcomes:

  • To equip learners with information and an understanding of fire safety legislation, Regulation 28 and the HIQA Fire Guidance;
  • To understand fire control measures that the provider must implement and how these should be maintained;
  • To identify fire hazards and know how to prevent or minimise the risks of fire;
  • To explain the process of fire risk assessment;
  • To list service requirements for equipment and plant e.g. emergency lighting, fire alarms, fire extinguishers etc.
  • To understand duties and responsibilities of providers, person in charge and employees;
  • To inform learners on the contents, compilation and maintenance of the fire register:
  • To highlight the consequences of poor fire safety management;
  • To respond appropriately if there is a fire incident.

Course Details

  • Category: Management and Administration in Healthcare
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Venue: Online
  • Duration: Days: 1
  • Provider: Frank McCarthy
  • Skillnet Members Price: NA
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: NMBI Accredited
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