Effective Cleaning & Disinfection Skills for the Nursing Home Sector

Course Description

2020 has brought an unexpected challenge to every sector of Irish society, but none more so than healthcare. COVID-19 has highlighted the value of each and every frontline worker.  

Among our frontline workers are those that are tasked with keeping our healthcare environments clean and contaminant free. Unknown to most, this in itself is a challenge that requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes of ‘effective cleaning’ and ‘disinfection’. To meet this challenge head on, The Food Safety Company have engaged the services of Colm O’Neill, who is one of Ireland’s leading hygiene skills professionals, with expertise in the high risk environments of pharmaceuticals and healthcare outbreak cleaning and decontamination.?? ? 

It is vital now more than ever that every healthcare employer has preventative measures in place to protect their staff, patients, visitors and contractors in the workplace, in order to minimise their risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

This half day course has been specifically developed to empower your staff with the practical skills and knowledge to effectively clean and disinfect the everyday medical and non-medical equipment that are used by the most vulnerable.

Please note: members of Nursing Homes Ireland will be invited to attend one of the free sessions of this programme that will be taking place online between May 2021 and October 2021. NHI will be in contact with further details.

Course Aim

Each course participant will gain a deeper understanding of: 

  • Which equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected 
  • When to clean versus disinfect equipment 
  • Frequency of cleaning and/or disinfecting
  • An effective & systematic approach to cleaning and disinfecting each piece of equipment 

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Hands-on cleaning and disinfection tasks covered (other items on demand): 

  • Healthcare Grade Mattresses (bed bumpers, pressure cushions)
  • Bed Frames
  • Hoists
  • Wheelchairs
  • Comodes
  • Drip Stands 
  • Medical/Dressing Trollies
  • Clinical Fridges
  • Nebulisers
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs

Course Details

  • Category: Healthcare Skills
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Venue: Online
  • Duration: Days: Half day
  • Provider: The Food Safety Company
  • Skillnet Members Price: NA
  • Unemployed: No
  • Accreditation: Company Certified
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