Membership Eligibility: Are You In The Private Healthcare Sector?


As a Private Healthcare Provider, you are eligible to become our Member Company.  Membership is open to all Private Healthcare Providers free of charge You become an active Member Company as soon as you attend or arrange a Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet course.  If you would like to become a Member Company, email/telephone our office or complete the Contact Us form in the footer below.

What are the benefits of engaging with Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet?

  1. All our courses are subsidised, giving you the best value for money.
  2. We are member company led.  This means we deliver the courses that you need.  If a course you require is not featured on this site please contact us.  We have a wide network of sector experts who we work closely with on an ongoing basis.  We can also apply for appropriate accreditation for any new courses we develop if required.
  3. Being actively engaged with Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet means that you can shape and drive the educational agenda for the private healthcare sector.  This will enable the continual development of your work force, maximising your competitiveness within the sector.
  4. We welcome your input to our Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) for the sector and actively look for your feedback to assist in the continual effectiveness and efficiency of our network.
  5. Our dedicated team will work one-to-one with you to ensure that the learning needs of your staff are met.
  6. All our courses are designed and delivered by sector experts and reviewed regularly to ensure they are reflective of current best practice.
  7. All courses are accredited (QQI, NMBI, IHF) and certified.
  8. Attending a Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet course gives you a great opportunity to network with people within your sector.