Advanced Care Management Programme – Upskilling Key Staff

Advanced CaMP1Over the last two years, the nursing home sector has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven significant change, not just within IPC practice, but across all elements of the service and care provision. In the wake of this global event, HIQA have placed new demands for long-term care services to have effective deputisation arrangements in place. These deputisation arrangements authorise key members of staff to step into new roles if and when required.

The Advanced Care Management Programme (Advance CaMP), delivered by HealthCare Informed (HCI), aims to provide a comprehensive body of knowledge for those key individuals within nursing homes, highlighting the regulatory and best practice requirements, and providing participants with the skills to apply the tools and techniques to support their implementation. HCI have an excellent reputation for providing clear and concise training for upper-level management in the private healthcare sector, and LHP Skillnet are delighted to have collaborated closely with the HCI to produce this one-of-a-kind programme.

The Advance CaMP has been deliberately tailored to the Irish nursing home sector and should provide the participants with all of the knowledge they need to meet their new obligations in the developing regulatory framework of the post-pandemic period.

In order to make the content of this unique programme as accessible as possible, LHP Skillnet is offering three booking options:

   –    Book for the full programme and attend all 16 modules for only €1400.

   –    Book for a group of four modules for €400.

   –    Book for a single module for €135.

All training is delivered online. Classes run from 10am to 3.30pm. The modules will be presented via Zoom, with interactive sessions and workshops provided throughout. Each training module will be delivered by a senior member of HCI’s Quality and Safety Team.  

The programme will address all aspects of service and care provision within nursing homes, from developing a robust governance model to the hands-on provision of person centred, individual care to residents. Depending on the area of focus, content may be applicable to a range of job roles, from Persons in Charge, Deputy PIC, CNM, Staff Nurse, HCA, H&S Representative, and Audit Leads.

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