About Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet


Established in January 2008, Leading Healthcare Providers (LHP) Skillnet is a not-for-profit Learning Network co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and our member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Of the 70+ Skillnet Ireland Learning Networks, we are the only Network dedicated exclusively to supporting the private healthcare sector. We do this through the provision of high-quality, sector-led, subsidised training and education.

We work extensively with our member companies to address their workforce development needs across all disciplines up to and including owner-manager level. In partnership with our many education providers and industry experts, we will source, coordinate and deliver the programmes best suited to addressing those needs. Where bespoke training solutions are needed, we work with our subject-matter experts to design and develop unique, customised programmes tailored to specific needs.

This multidisciplinary collaboration ensures our member companies get the high-quality, high-impact programmes they need at a subsidised cost.

In addition, we support those trying to re-enter the workforce. The students on our Skills Connect Programme are enrolled on the Healthcare Support Course (QQI Level 5) absolutely free of charge. Once obtained, this industry-standard qualification empowers the students to gain safe and secure employment in the healthcare sector.  In 2021 we guided 221 Skills Connect students to the successful completion of their course.

Our mission is to meet the educational needs of our member companies in the private healthcare sector. Whether you want a specific programme or you simply have a rough idea of the training you need, you can turn to us. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in delivering committed, comprehensive service, and we are continually growing.

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2021 Network Activity

  • 472 Member Companies engaged with LHP Skillnet
  • We trained 4,824 Healthcare Staff
  • We trained 221 Skills Connect Students
  • We delivered 29,782 training days to both employed and unemployed students.
  • All courses delivered were accredited by either QQI or NMBI or other relevant bodies.