Job Seekers – FREE places on our QQI level 5 Healthcare Support Major Award


If you have been re-directed to this page, please note that the only programme available to jobseekers is our QQI Level 5 Healthcare Support Course.

All the courses for jobseekers in 2018 are fully booked. Enrollment for courses in 2019 will begin in December 2018.

Leading Healthcare Provider Skillnet primarily focusses on supporting those in employment within the private healthcare sector. Whilst our key focus is on the needs of member companies, we also offer a fully funded QQI Level 5 Healthcare Support Course for jobseekers, subject to eligibility criteria and places being available on the programme. This means we offer a number of FREE places to those who are unemployed and seeking to increase their employment prospects through up-skilling in relevant training. If you are currently unemployed, you may be eligible to attend training with Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet with no charge or impact on your social welfare payments or benefits (for those who are in receipt of such payments). In 2017 we supported 184 jobseekers in completing the Healthcare Support QQI level 5 Major award. Our Employment Activation Programme (EAP) is hugely successful and provides participants with a real pathway to a new career.

In order to be considered for a place on this course you must meet our eligibility criteria (see eligible Unemployed Individuals and Eligible Individuals who are not welfare payment recipients) PLUS ONE of the following

  • You have been unemployed for more than 12 months OR
  • You are at Level 5 or less on the National Framework of Qualifications OR
  • You are under the age of 35 OR
  • You were formerly employed in the construction, manufacturing and retail sectors

Eligible Unemployed Individuals

  • Jobseekers Allowance (JA) or Jobseekers Benefit (JB)
  • Disability Allowance
  • Blind Pension
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Illness Benefit
  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance
  • Adult Dependants
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Back-to-Work Allowance
  • Back-to-Work Enterprise Allowance
  • Short-term Enterprise Allowance
  • Farm Assist

Eligible Individuals who are not Welfare Payment Recipients

Individuals who are not in receipt of a welfare payment from DSP and whose circumstances are described below, are eligible to participate in Skillnets’ training  programmes, regardless of the course duration.

  • Former sole traders and business owners
  • Recent graduates who are unemployed
  • Individuals who fail to qualify for social welfare payments because of a spouse’s income
  • Individuals signing on for credits but in receipt of no social welfare payment
  • Individuals who have recently accepted redundancy payments
  • Non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals holding immigration Stamp 4
  • Current participants on Community Employment (CE) Schemes

Ineligible Unemployed Individuals

Skillnet Ireland, under its current mandate, does not provide training to unemployed people who fall into any of the following categories:

  • Current participants on Jobs Initiative (JI) Schemes
  • Non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals holding immigration Stamp 1, Stamp 2 or Stamp 3
  • Full-time students engaged in second or third-level education


Several other Skillnet Networks participate in the Skillnet Ireland Employment Activation programme. This initiative is designed exclusively for unemployed people and includes free training in skills in demand by companies combined with direct access to employers through meaningful work placements. For information on other Skillnet Networks offering free training programmes for those seeking employment, click here for the Skillnet Ireland website.