About Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet

Established in January 2008, Leading Healthcare Providers (LHP) Skillnet is a not-for-profit training company limited by guarantee with two directors and a steering group.  Our company directors are Seamus Crawley, Director of the Sonas group of nursing homes and Carmel Killeen owner of Castleturvin House Nursing Home.  Our steering group is comprised of representatives from our member companies and they play an essential role in providing strategic direction and governance to Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet

Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet is one of 67 Skillnet networks which receives grant funding from the Department of Education and Skills through Skillnet Ireland.  Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet is the only Skillnet network dedicated to supporting the private healthcare sector.  This funding is to assist in the up-skilling and training of employees of our member companies through the provision of the highest quality education and training.

In addition, we receive funding to support job seekers wishing to up-skill and gain employment in the healthcare sector.   In 2016 we supported 244 job seekers to obtain the necessary qualification to gain employment in the healthcare sector.

The Network Manager is Carmel Kelly.  Contact: carmelkelly@lhpskillnet.ie 012187698

The Network Administrators are Ted Panek (full-time). Contact: ted@lhpskillnet.ie or 012187698 and Tom Lordan (part-time). Contact: courses@lhpskillnet.ie or 012187698

2016 Network Activity

127 Member Companies engaged with LHP Skillnet

We trained 1,245 Healthcare Staff

We trained 244 Job seekers through our job seeker support programme (now call Employment Activation Programme (EAP))

We delivered 15,242 training days to both employed staff and job seekers. 

All courses delivered were accredited by either QQI or NMBI or other relevant bodies.  

The LHP Skillnet Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate and promote the continuous learning and enhancement of knowledge, skills, and competencies within the private healthcare sector.  We aim to support our member companies to provide the highest standard of person centred care through excellence in the planning, development, and delivery of healthcare educational programmes. The Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet network fosters a climate of the sharing of knowledge, skills, and attitudes within and between network members thus enhancing the quality of service of the individual business.